Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Greetings from a world without interwebz

Hi guys,
I'm not dead I swear! I've just been without interwebz since we moved into our new apartment. Oh yeah XD we have our own place now. It's not much but it's home.

But you guys didn't come to hear about my new apartment. Did you? No, you came here to hear about polish. Not shoe polish cause that'd be weird but nail polish. The thing we all know and love. The thing that binds us together in polish loving friendship. Well here it is...

Wait I forgot that with this blogger app I can't place the pictures exactly where I want =/ Oh well. I'll just tell you what's on my nails then. My undies are L.A. Colors Atomic with Sinful Colors Oasis on my ring finger (obviously- said in Where's voice) and on top I have Aphrodite Lacquer in Don't Copy Me and Dollish Polish in I'm a Material Girl. Don't you just love the combo? I sure do.

By the way Aphrodite Lacquers is sold on etsy and be sure to stalk them on their Facebook page here and Dollish polish is sold on big cartel and you can stalk them on Facebook here
Well until next time fellow polish addicts this has been Ambi :)

Signing out

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Holodays pt. 2 (You Polish Seaworthy)

Hi guys,

I'm back again for another holo polish posting XD What's the lovely holo polish I have for you today? Well it's none other than Seaworthy by You Polish
 Seaworthy is a mint holographic polish. While the holo isn't as in your face as other holo polishes the effect is still there. All photos show three coats with topcoat. Formula was slightly on the thin side but build-able and still amazing as is this polish in general.

can you see the holoness? Isn't it lovely?

 Seaworthy was in You Polish's April subscription box so I'm not sure if it can be found outside of that box. Don't worry though because You Polish has many other amazing polishes. You can find them in her etsy shop and also on facebook

Sorry if this post seemed short but my sister in law has me immersed in Glee.

Love you guys,


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Holodays Pt. 1

Hi guys!

Long time no post. Sorry about that but my husband finally came home and I was beyond excited. Things have finally slowed down a little so I went on a swatch spree. My fingers ended up stained blue =( even though I put on basecoat. But the good news is that I have quite a few posts coming =)

First up is the first of 4 holo polishes I own (hence the happy holodays title lol) Introducing Wisteria by Above the Curve nail lacquer.

Indoors w/flash 
Let me be completely honest with you. I didn't get the holo craze at first. Didn't get it at all. But now... By the Nail Polish Gods it's love. Especially with Wisteria.

 Wisteria is a dark purple linear holo. It is oh so gorgeous. I'm not sure if it's the purple or the sheer amount of sparkly rainbow awesomeness that makes me drool. Let's just go with both. Shall we?

All photos show 2 coats of Wisteria with no undies whatsoever. Application was perfection. Trust me you need this polish in your life.

 Above the Curve can be found on their facebook page and on big cartel and also on etsy. Polishes typically sell for about 9 dollars a bottle plus shipping. Also one dollar of each purchase goes towards Shriner's Hospital.

Until next time,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Daring Digits Photo Spam Part 2

Hey guys,

I'm back XD and I've got some more Daring Digits photo spam for you.

Today I've got two polishes to show you. One of these isn't sold in the Daring Digits shop =/ but the other one is =) So on with the polish.

First up is Daring Digits Spiderman, a major favorite of mine. Spiderman consists of red and blue circle glitters and black bar glitters in a sheer base. I decided to layer it over Sally Hansen White On for the photos below. All photos are taken indoors with two coats of Spiderman over two coats of White On. Enjoy.

Next up is Mage, the newest addition to my collection and the final polish for today's post. Mage is described as a nice bright purple jelly base with a nice shimmer. This polish is loaded with holo glitters and color shift pigment. Looks best layered over itself or dark colors. Let me tell you now, this polish is amazing. It's like having little sparkly jewels on your nails. I couldn't stop staring at my nails for the entire time I had this polish on. All pictures show two coats of Mage over two coats of WnW On a Trip. 

Gotta go now lovelies. Gotta Skype date with the hubby.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daring Digits Polish Spam Part Uno

Hello lovelies,

I have quite a few Daring Digits nail polishes so I decided to break this swatch fest down into parts. So welcome to part one. I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back to part two =)

First up is Laser Tag:
One coat over black. Outdoors w/o flash.
 Laser Tag is described as: A black/grey jelly with short holographic bars and holographic dust. To me Laser Tag is a rave in the bottle. I'm going to be honest and tell you that when I first saw this polish I didn't like it all that much but that was before I layered it over black. Let me just say this now and get it out the way, Oh my God this polish is sexy. There I said it... Time to move on.

All photos of Laser Tag show one coat over a black cream polish. I think it was an L.A. Colors polish but I'm not exactly sure. Anyways, let the polish porn begin!

I am totally and completely in love.

New favorite polish right here.

Excuse the minor tip wear but I wore this for almost a week straight. It was so pretty.

Next stop on this polish train is Master Shake town but first I have to apologize for the picture quality. The weather was horrible for photographing outside so I had to make do with indoors. Sorry in advance =/

Master Shake is described as a sheer milky white based polish with tiny gold and fuchsia hexes. It is named after the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force and it is just as awesome as the show. Seriously. The show is awesome. If you've never seen it before then shame on you! 

All photos show one coat of the lovely Master Shake over Sally Hansen White On (love that name).

So simple. 

Yet so awesome.

Indoors. With Flash.

Insert awkward hand positioning here.

And our final destination for today is More Dots city.

More Dots is described as a black jelly base is full of multicolored dot glitter. 

This is another polish that I found myself falling madly in love with. Madly. In. Love. 

Did I mention that I have a thing for black based glitter polishes? A fetish if you will. 

Anyhoo on to the porn:

It's exactly 1:32 AM here so I'm going to go to bed now.

Nighty night,

By the way. Daring Digits nail polish can be found here and on her facebook page here. She currently has polish on sale for 6.50 and I'm not too sure because I'm half asleep but I think she offers free shipping to US customers as well. For you not so national customers she can be found on Mei Mei's Signatures

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Let's Take a Look at My Makeup Box

Hello lovely people,

Let me start this post by stating that I am a makeup newbie. A complete and utter makeup newbie. Now I've always liked painting my nails I just never got really into it until I was an adult. But makeup. That's a totally different story. Growing up I never wore it. Never wanted to. I thought it was too much work and I was perfectly fine with how I looked. But now that I'm older I've fallen madly in love with it.

I'm not saying I'm good at it or anything cause I'm not. In fact, I'm kinda dreadful at some aspects of it. Want  proof? I can't seem to use foundation or blush right. I know I know you just put it where it's supposed to go and blend it out. My problem is I can't seem to put blush exactly where it's supposed to go. I also can't seem to blend foundation right. No matter what there's always some that's not blended. -Sigh-

One day I will get it though. I hope.

Anyways let the viewing begin,

My little makeup box. Isn't it cute?

I love this decal.
                                          This is what my box looks like on the inside. Fairly empty.

This is where I keep my eyeshadow pencils, eyeliner and eyebrow pencils.  Plus the one lonely little blush and the other equally as lonely face stick.

My lipsticks. If you can't tell I kinda fell in love with the Maybelline Colorsational Vibrant collection.

My 3 mascaras. Yeah these are the only ones I own.
Well there you have it. My makeup box. Don't you think I need more? I sure do =)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Ordered from Bath & Body Works

Hello readers,

I know it's not nail related but I wanted to share what I got in the mail the other day.

You see I've developed a slight obsession with Bath & Body Works and had recently gotten a coupon for 20 % off my purchase. So obviously I had to order something and fast (it was about to expire) It came in a really big, really pretty box (considering that I only ordered 3 small things) I loved how simple yet chic the box was and omg the inside. I'm in love cause well it was plaid and plaid just happens to be another one of the things that I'm addicted to.

Let the pic spam begin =)

See what I mean? So simple yet so darn pretty.

Oh my God. Look at that plaid XD

You can never have too many coupons.

And this is what I ordered.

Smells amazing. Love the look of the bottle. Kinda makes me think of Twilight  lol

Have the lotion already. In love with it. Had to get the body mist.

Kinda makes me want cookies when I use it.