Monday, January 2, 2017

Favorite Ships of All Time Pt. 1

Hey guys,

It's Amber again and I'm here to bring you some of my all time favorite OTPs that I adore more than anything in the world.

Legolas and Gimli from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Okay, okay. I know that this is a bromance ship in canon and honestly, they are one of my favorite bromances of all time but- how do you expect me not to ship them? Gimli left the Earth he loved so much to go with Legolas when he decided it was time for him to go to sea. That's love man, not friendship and ugh, they way Legolas looks at Gimli in the movies? I just can't. Also, their relationship in the books was just too sweet for me not to ship them and it is a ship I will gladly go down with.

Damon and Bonnie from the Vampire Diaries. I have loved them from season 1. Right from the start, there has just been so much tension between the two and it has continued throughout the series. I adore these two souls so much and their bond is one for the ages. Ugh, the things I can say about this ship are numerous and I am so damn sad that they will never be able to get the end that I think they deserve. They have honestly made each other better people and have helped and defended each other so many times. I love my precious babies.

Shane and Jenny from the L Word. Oh my God, these two. They were one of my very first ships. I loved their friendship in season 2 and I adored watching it grow and blossom over the years. They truly loved and cared for each other and my heart honestly melted so much when they finally got together and kissed during season 6. I am and will forever be upset at the fact that they didn't get to make a real go of it. They deserved their happy ending so much.

Jackie and Fez from that 70s Show. I don't care what you guys say. Fez was Jackie's happy ending. He was a guy who loved her for her, despite all of her many flaws. He always loved her and she finally loved him back. A ship I didn't know I wanted to happen until it was just starting to happen.

That's it for today but keep an eye out for part 2.


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